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HOFC End of Year Presentation 2019

15/12/19 - Once again this year the End of Year Presentation was held last Sunday at Seabank Hotel. It was great to see everyone together enjoying the achievments our members obtained this year. It was quite a number that attended with a figure of 60 altough there were also a few that could not make it.

This was an ejoyable afternoon where we enjoyed a delicious Buffet and everyone getting on & discussing various things both Match Fishing related , most women telling each other how much patiance they have with their partners due to our sport. Which we must admit they are right.

This Years Prestentation was for all the Trophies won during the second part of year. These were the Singles HOFC @The Gold Market Singles League 2019 , HOFC @Ellevi Float Fishing League 2019 , HOFC The Garfish Challenge 2019 & The HOFC Festivities Year End Match 2019.

We can not thank Enough our Sponsors as without them we are unable to manage something so proffessional - Main Sponsors for these Leagues were Singles Leage - The Gold Market Float Fishing League- Fishin Fever tar Rabat - Ellevi Fishing Malta - Biggest Fish Trophies - Tubertini Pesca Malta . Festivities Year End Match Trophies - Field Sports . Sports Experience for these wonderfull trophies & Refreshments - General Sof Drinks Malta.

Most of all a big Well Done & a big thank You goes to all the Club Members that participated in this years Leagues as you are what the Club is here for.

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