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Jonathan & Etienne register their first win in the 1st HOFC Tubertini R18 Doubles League 2020

The HOFC Tubertini R18 Doubles League kicked off this morning at Manoel Island with the weather being very favourable. Everyone was keen and excited for this first match with 17 teams all set up to strat. Had to wait a little longer to start due to ensure that all members made it to the pegs drawn safely as this venue is very slippery in some places.

It all started when the signal sounded at 7:20, all anglers started groundbaiting and eagerly waiting the first casts to strat picking up weight. The fish looked quite shy on the day and early casts were not bearing any big species except for some morays caught on various pegs. Various techniques were being used and tested to try and manage to hook fish due to some strong currents. All anglers did their upmost especially when using the paternoster rigs due to currents were contributing to various snagging. Overall majority of the pegs managed to land fish considering the conditions.

The conditions did not look very favorable and some teams opted for fishing close to shore for Morays as time was running. Jonathan and Etienne landed 8 small morays and totaled a 2.49kgs to win the first match. Second in their section and winning a section win the Spiteri brothers, Paul Sammut and John Cardona with 4 points from this section. While Isaac Psaila and Justin Spiteri started with 3 points from this section.

Marlon Tanti and Wayne Xuereb also did good with earning their first full points of the season from the other section which was placed on the far right closer to the Lazzarrett area. Second in this section with 5 points was earned by Tubertini mates Etienne Sillato and Jason Saliba with the latter fishing his first match with the club. Lawrence Pulis and Sheldon got 4 points for their opening match while Jake and Jean Claude started with 3 points with Giovann and Jean Claude last with 2 points.

In the middle section Josef and Gabriel did exceptionally well on their opening match with earning the full 6 points. Peter and Adrian got 5 points, Ismael and Noel got 4 points while Ninu and Joe last in this section with 3 points.

Overall results: Jonathan Farrugia / Etienne Bugeja: winners Marlon Tanti / Wayne Bugeja: second overall Etienne Grech Sillato / Jason Saliba: third overall Section wins: Josef and Gabriel, Carmel Spiteri and Alex, Lawrence Pulis and Sheldon Bouvett Raffle Winners sponsored by @Tubertini Malta prizes won by Etienne Grech Sillato & Jeanclaude Tonna .

Big thanks goes to Keevla Malta , Elaine Hair , @Proserv Safety Consultants Malta & Tubertini Malta for sponsoring this League. #oneteam , #onebigfamily , #wearehofc. It was good to meet our new members that took the time to come and visit . Gary Pace Nathal Grech Dunstan Mangion including the usual supporter Anthony Attard. Goes without saying a big well done to all that took part today for the great sportsmanship and the marshals looking over the match as this was not easy terrain to walk up and down in to ensure everything running smoothly.

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