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3rd & Final HOFC Float League Winners 2020 - Well Done !

Today was the Final Match of the HOFC Float Fishing League 2020 , This was originally planned for Spinola Bay but due to slippery surface & safety it was re-assigned to Sliema Waterfront. Well done to all that took part in today's Match , It was a good session for most of the Anglers especially in Areas where Anglers started to attract the Mullet & managing to start landing them too.

The Winners of Today's Match Where in 1st Place with 3.145Kg was

Adrian Nelson , in second place with 2.070kg Jonathan Farrugia both Ellevi Boys & in 3rd Place John Niccu Pizz with 1.750kg Team Tubertini.

Big thanks to all that Took Part & enjoyed seeing everyone as oneteam helping each other out & the Sportsmanship shown during this League. #oneteam#onebigfamily#wearehofc

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