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4th Match in the HOFC Tubertini Malta Pesca R18 Doubles League 2020.

Well Done to all That took part in today's 4th Match in the HOFC Tubertini Malta Pesca R18 Doubles League 2020. This was held at Delimara a Venue that was new for this type of Sports fishing. It was well recieved by the anglers as they enjoyed managing to hook up quite a few fish - All the fish was looked after and then released at the end of the match weigh in . Well done to the Winners

Josef Cassar , Gabriel Sampei whom placed 1st with a good weight of 4Kilos, 395 grams followed by

Peter Paul Azzopardi & Adrian Nelson placing in 2nd with 3 Kilos 610 grams & in 3rd place

JeanClaude Tonna & Jake Seychell with 3 Kilos 145 grams. Section winners of the day were Justin Spiteri and

Not all placings had picture taken ( Josef Cassar & Gabriel Sampei whom place first overall today &

Justin Spiteri & Isaac Psaila whom had a section win today )due to had to leave for work. Thanks to All it was a great match with great sportsmanship shown. Big thanks goes to the Marshalls of the match Carmel Spiteri

Nathal Grech & Malcolm.

This is noe going to be all down to the final match as at the moment the top in table anglers are all in within reach of the top 3 places. Next Match 08/11/20 - Martin Pace , Michael Godfrey , Sheldon Bouvett , DianeBrady Sammut

Jeanclaude Mifsud , Carmel Spiteri , Alexander Spiteri , Joseph Buttigieg Ninu Zhara.

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