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Jonathan Farrugia Ellevi Boy , Wins 2nd Match for the Float Fishing League 2020

The 2nd match of the HOFC Float League 2020 was held today at Gzira seafront. Anglers started to narrive at 05:30 hrs but due to the weather was looking quite bad , mainly it was thunderstorms rather than rain showers & started to fish at 06:45.

Once all the Anglers were set up at thier pegs which were drawn earlier. It was already a challange trying to keep th bait dry & also with all the mooring ropes in the area, never the less everyone kept on trying thier best and swapping techniques untill they had some bites. In the past this venue was well known fo Mullet but again this specimen was only caught on one specific peg , also a few Salema were caught & various bream and bottom fish.

In 1st Place we had Jonathan Farrugia , 2 nd Place JeanClaude Tonna & 3rd Place Adrian Nelson

#oneteam #onebigfamily #wearehofc

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